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Geosec & Partners is a group of companies operating throughout Europe under a common banner and following a common quality protocol. While maintaining their independence on the market, the companies share technologies, experience and know-how in the sector of building safety, with particular emphasis on ground consolidation.

Ever since it was founded, Geosec Italia has invested considerable resources in the research and development of intervention techniques that are increasingly more precise, efficacious and gentle as well as being ecologically friendly and mini-invasive. Moreover, Geosec Italia guarantees constant training, professional updating and instruction for all its operative technical personnel. Our Geologists and Engineers are the living proof of the great wealth of experience and skill gained by the company in many years of intensive activity in the field. Geosec Technicians work in the front line alongside our teams of specialists to analyse, plan and manage each ground consolidation operation. 3D geoelectrical investigations, penetrometric tests and Seismic Geophysical surveys are the diagnostic technologies which, used in combination and when required, provide back-up to all our operations.

Geosec Italia’s research activities have enabled it to file two patents pending so far, while the company’s management system has been awarded quality certification by ICMQ (the most prestigious and influential certifying body in the construction sector) for design engineering, execution, diagnostics, research and development of ground consolidation works.

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