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Resin certification

The Geosec procedure proves to resolve the problem in 98.5%* of cases thanks to the Eco Maxima resin which acts by expanding gently underneath the house. The resin, laid on the foundation ground at the desired depth, permeates well into the branches of the cavities in the subsurface. Samples of Maxima resin have been subjected to rigorous laboratory tests by the University of Parma (Engineering Laboratory), by the R&D laboratory of Parma and by the Istituto Giordano of Rimini which have confirmed and certified its various properties: stability over time, mechanical resistance, environmental compatibility, reaction times etc.
MAXIMA is the UP400E / IPU800 resin system formulated exclusively for GEOSECTM with high quality raw materials produced by prestigious leading multinational suppliers;
MAXIMA is an expanding chemical formula, Tie (25°C)>40 seconds, designed to guarantee the greatest possible permeability in the voids.
MAXIMA is an expanding polyurethane resin designed by GEOSEC and especially devised to respect the ecosystem into which it is injected. Once the chemical reaction is completed (after a few minutes), the resin stabilizes itself and assumes the characteristics of simple aggregates without polluting the environment in compliance with Legislative Decree 152/06 annexe 5 part IV. In its final composition, moreover, there are no CFs, CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs.
* data supplied by the indicators of the Geosec quality management system in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Samples of MAXIMA polyurethane resin have been tested and certified by:
the University of Parma – Department of Civil, Environmental, Territorial and Architectural Engineering – “Structures and Materials Testing” Laboratory - in compliance with legislation for rigid cellular plastic materials:
UNI EN ISO 845-97 (Determination of Apparent Density);
UNI EN ISO 527-27 (Mechanical Tensile Strength);
UNI EN ISO 12086-99 (Water Vapour Transmission Rate);
UNI 8069-80 (Determination of Dimensional Stability);

Istituto Giordano S.p.A.:
pr EN 14319 - 1:2007 (determination of the reaction profile and free rise density);
Italian Legislative Decree 152/06 annexe 5 part IV (Analysis of environmental compatibility);

R&D analysis laboratory:
quality control on each production batch;
UNI 6350-68 and UNI7031-72 (Compression Strength and Flexural Strength);


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