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The Geosec contractual guarantee has always represented a concrete, clear and transparent commitment towards all our Customers:

Warranty on the See&Shoot HD procedure
This consists exclusively of a single repetition of the consolidation procedure, limited to the hypothetical case of new cracks appearing or old cracks re-opening due to differential vertical subsidence in the area subjected to the intervention. In this case, the ground consolidation works will be repeated following an evaluation and interpretation of the new crack pattern that has emerged. The costs of this operation will be borne by Geosec & Partners itself.

Scope of the See&Shoot HD Warranty
In order to permit the redistribution of the stresses created in the ground by the consolidation procedure, it is good practice to wait for a given period subsequent to the completion of the works before proceeding with the final closing of the cracks. Within this period slight movements may take place, this is absolutely normal and this is part of the building settling process; this natural phenomenon depends on the type of land, the weight of the building and the extensiveness of the works carried out Relying on its hands-on experience, Geosec&Partners advises closing the cracks definitively within 12 months – but not before 6 months – of the date of the completion of the resin injection consolidation works. For these final restoration works, the Customer shall proceed at its own expense, being sure to contact a reliable company, and adopting standard wall consolidation techniques as opposed to simply stopping up the cracks.

Warranty on the MAXIMA resin polyurethane system UP400E/IPU800
GEOSEC guarantees the Eco MAXIMA expanding resin (Tie> 40 seconds) against any kind of shrinkage, contraction or deterioration.

Duration of the Contractual Warranty
The warranty has a duration of 10 years, starting from the date in which the works were completed and it will only be valid if payment is duly settled within the agreed time interval.

The following are expressly excluded from the warranty:
  • Horizontal subsidence (e.g. landslide type);
  • Previous implementation, in the area of intervention, of piling works or deep transmission of the loads of the building;
  • Different type of ground from that declared by the Client and shown on the preliminary graphic printout of the operation;
  • Significantly higher static or dynamic charges compared to those in course at the time the works were carried out;
  • Damage caused by the Client subsequent to the digging carried out by the latter under and around the foundations of the area treated after the operation;
  • Natural catastrophes;
  • Failure to pay for the work carried out;

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