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Geosec & Partners, with its many years of experience, is active on the European market in the safety management of residential constructions. The essential elements of our activity are our experience, our skill and the sophisticated and complex diagnostic technology that provides back-up to each Geosec operation. To combat the subsidence of foundation ground, we are the exclusive providers throughout Europe of the See&Shoot HD ground consolidation system (patent pending). Over the years, thanks to continuous research and development of ever more sophisticated technologies, the “Basic” intervention method has been improved with further ground diagnostic tools.

See&Shoot HD “penetrometric support” supplements the 3D geoelectrical investigation with the penetrometric test for better definition of the stratigraphic geoelectrical model and for the measurement of the mechanical resistance of the sunken/consolidated ground.

See&Shoot HD “seismic support” supplements the 3D geoelectrical investigation with the seismic survey. The correlation of the information collected enables the refining, according to need, of the geotechnical model of the significant foundation volume.

Soil Stabilization is, on the other hand, the traditional method used to eliminate sinking of residential and industrial floors. Expanding resin is injected between the ground and the sunken floor, while the rising of the floor is monitored with a laser level.

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