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See&Shoot - Seismic Support

See&Shoot HD "seismic support" is an efficacious method for consolidating ground foundations designed to combat differential subsidence in buildings. It is rapid (on average only a few days are required) and it provides an effective solution (in 98.5%* of cases) without the need for digging, dust and bothersome vibrations. Geosec injects the Eco Maxima resin into the ground targeting the areas indicated by the geotechnical model obtained from the combined results of the geophysical investigation (ERT 3D) and the seismic survey.

See&Shoot HD (patent pending) is immediately able to detect, in the ground under the foundations, the presence of voids, stagnant water, fluid in circulation also from sewer leaks, all factors that can contribute to causing subsidence. During the injection, thanks again to the 3D electrical resistivity tomography, it will be possible to check that the macrovoids and cavities are being properly filled, that the interstitial water is being reduced and removed, as well as to gauge the volume of land affected by the filtering and expanding action of the resin, while the seismic tomography will permit the detection, through the measuring of seismic waves, of the mechanical parameters of the consolidated ground for the subsequent comparison with those measured prior to the injection. Each operation is different from the one before and for this reason Geosec, reinforced by its many years of experience, guarantees for all of the operations – even the most minor ones – the constant presence on-site of a specialized Geologist and integrated diagnostic tools (geophysical 3D ERT and seismic survey). This is the Geosec philosophy which produces hundreds of satisfied customers each year*.

* data supplied for the year 2007 by the indicators of the Geosec quality system certified in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 by ICMQ, the most prestigious certifying body for the construction sector.

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